Sunday, May 16, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Several of you have asked for pictures of our new home.
Please remember that I am the blogger
and my husband is the realtor, so his "house"
pictures would probably be better, but...

Welcome to our front porch.
Right now there are beautiful tulips blooming.
This picture of the dining room is taken with a
wonderful Iphone app that my friend Marla
told me about called Pano. With it, you can take a
panoramic view of a big space. I am still playing with it.
This is the living room taken with the same app, but I messed up
a little so you have a somewhat warped view of our living
room. I guess you'll just have to come
and see it for yourself.
Breakfast area overlooking the deck.
Being a southern girl, I love oak cabinets,
so was thrilled that this home has them.
I have never had a home office of my own.
I have always shared with David.
This one is all mine! Not surprisingly,
it is filled with antique
school items and lots of children's
My retirement present of a library
card catalogue is being put
to practical use with all kinds of
office items stored away in
the little drawers.
This is the basement. For those of you who
are observant, you will notice that
sunlight is coming in one window
but not the other. That is because behind the window is
a hot tub. Yes, you heard correctly, a hot tub.
It might not last too long so you better
come and see us soon if you want to enjoy it.
This is the guest bedroom with my grandmother's
bedroom suite. I used to climb up on this
bed and thought it was so high. Has it shrunk,
or have I gotten taller?
The shower curtain in the guest bathroom is
made from a quilt topper from my grandmother.

This sign is in the guest quarters.
My son-in-law loves to ring it when
he visits. You'll have to ask him
about the house service. It's pretty
This is the lower deck looking down on the
infamous hot tub.
This is the upper deck waiting for some outside
furniture. I don't want just anything. I think
I'll be combing the antique stores until
I find just what I "need". Any excuse will do
to go antique shopping.

Hope you enjoyed the guided tour.
Come and see us.
The welcome mat is out and we'll
leave the porch light on.


Emily said...

so inviting! I´m not entirely sure when you moved in, but it looks like you´ve done a great job of making it yours in no time. Can´t wait to visit!

Miss G said...

sooo excited to see these photos! I love it! Kelly

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the pictures! Your house is beautiful! I just bought the Pano app. I should have fun playing with that. Thanks for sharing! -the pictures and the app. ;-)
Love you!!
Allison Fuller

Allison said...

Jordan and I will be there in July! Can we stop by and take a peek at your beautiful new home??

Jonathan said...

Congrats on the house! Hope we can come see it in person sometime soon!

joda said...

Oh, oh, oh.. So many lovely things to see in your new home! Of course, I love the card catalog! And, what an adorable and clever shower curtain! You must have had a wonderful time pulling it all together.

Debi said...

Love it so much, I just might have to come visit! Congratulations on putting down some roots!


Adrian said...

The service is just great! (though ringing the bell doesn't seem to make any difference...)

emily said...

I'm going to steal this shower curtain!! Beware!! Everything looks great!!