Thursday, May 20, 2010

Emma the Baby Duck

I saw the cutest thing at church on Wednesday night.
Walking in the door from outside
was a very nice young man and following
him was a duck. At first I thought the duck
just randomly was in the church parking lot,
but Earl (that's the young man) told
me that the duck's name is Emma
and she is part of a school project.
He is raising her and teaching her
things and part of what he has
taught her is to follow him.
At one point, Emma decided, much like a little
child, that she didn't want to follow Earl anymore.
She wanted to follow someone else.
But Emma, like a good duck,
listened to Earl and was soon following him again.
By the way, I got permission from Earl,
though not from Emma, to put this
picture on my blog.


Allison said...

That duck is so TINY! As the Mommy of a two-year old, I'm very impressed that he has been able to successfully teach his little duck to follow. :)

a Tale of Two Cities said...

I agree with Allison, and she teaches two year olds and is the mother of one sweet girl. What an interesting project!

Miss G said...

really, really cute! wish I could have seen that! love you, kel