Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tangy California Lemons

As a lover of lemons, I was amazed the first time we visited David's parents, Ruth and Leon, after we got married (38 years ago) to discover a lemon tree in their backyard. The lemons on that tree taste like nothing you have ever tasted before unless you have eaten fresh from the tree lemons. Often over the past 38 years, I have received care packages of lemons. David just made a trip to see his parents and look what he brought back in his suitcase.


Miss G said...

oh yum! what a treat! Kelly

Debi said...

So, what's your plan with all those lemons? Lemonade, pie, cake???? Can't go wrong with lemons to flavor the things we love.

Julie said...

My husband's family lives in Southern CA, and one year his brother brought me a Wal-Mart bag of lemons...they were the size of oranges! So delicious...I always buy produce from California if given the opportunity...something about their dirt makes everything taste wonderful.