Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fun with Caleb and Kate

Jeremy and Mandy are moving this weekend and their good friend
Marla has come to help unpack. Marla's little
girl, Kate, came along to help as well.
My main job in yesterday's moving
day was to keep Caleb and Kate occupied
so that the grownups could get something
This is a hug! It really is!
They had a delightful dinner!
They kept busy taking care of the baby!
Even though there were many toys to play with
two pair of yellow dishwashing gloves were the hit of the day.


Debi said...

Busy times and busy kiddos. I know your contribution in the moving package was a big help. Someday soon, you'll get to catch your breath!

Miss G said...

so cute! I hope no one threw any food at their dinner! love you, Kelly