Monday, November 9, 2009

Sweet Leftovers

When you have a sweet little visitor at your house, you often find reminders of their visit after they are gone. The images below brought a smile to my face and I almost didn't want to clean them up, but a picture and a blog post will keep them in my memory long after the time of playing with little animals has past.
Little Nutbrown Hare from Guess How Much I Love You
Several friends including baby bear from a set made by my
Grandma Bergeron for Kelly and Jeremy.
David from No David, and One Fine Chicken from Philadelphia Chickens.
Tacky from Tacky the Penguin and Mouse from If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.
Madeline and The Gardner.


Amanda said...

Mrs. Karen, I LOVE all of the funny characters from books! They are always so fun and kids just love them! I hope you are having an amazing time in Colorado! Love and miss you!

Amanda Bynum :)

Debi said...

Is Caleb playing school with all of them lined up so perfectly?

MM said...

With all those little chairs around I think it's time for Nana to have a literary tea party!

Deborah said...

My boys and I love Tacky the Penguin.

If I had to guess, I'd say Caleb was playing "church." Just a hunch...

Emily said...

I always wanted a younger sibling, so before Matthew came along Mouse from If You Give a Mouse a Cookie was a member of our family for awhile.

Miss G said...

so much fun! Kelly