Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Aunts and Their Nephews

Little boys do things with their aunts at age 2 1/2 that they will never dream of doing again. Thank goodness for cameras.

Here, let me help with that lipstick.
Oops! A little too much blush!
Aunt Kelly's not so sure about this.
Let's see what I can find to put on your face.
I think I'll use my hand instead of the powder puff.
What a gentle little guy!
How about some eye shadow?
Let me just rub it in a bit.
So this is what a powder puff is for.

When Caleb's a few years older, he won't believe these pictures.


Debi said...

Just like finger painting. What could be more fun? Bet Kelly really enjoyed her stay.

Kim said...

Practice fore her little boy (??)!