Tuesday, November 3, 2009


My friend Marla reminded me when I saw her last weekend that I had blogged pictures of the basement of our home, but had never let people see the upstairs. As she mentioned, the downstairs basically looked the same as our home in Houston--same furniture, antiques, just "underground". So here is a quick tour of the upstairs.
The fireplace is the perfect place to snuggle on a cold, snowy day.
New loveseat and coffee table.
David's comfy recliner. I sit in it more often than he does!
The Murphy Bed. Who will be the first to volunteer to sleep in this fold down bed???


MM said...

Ahh the Murphy bed. Thanks for posting!

Debi said...

Love the new couch!

Miss G said...

It looks good! I'm liking your fall decor. love you, Kelly