Monday, September 10, 2012

Sesame Street Revisited

Each of my grandsons is unique.
They are all loved tremendously.
Caleb is the Superhero fan.
David loves all things cars and trucks.
Aaron LOVES Sesame Street Characters.
It is so much fun revisiting Sesame Street
through his eyes since my children
were also Sesame Street fans.

Aren't these little feet, clad in
his little SS socks just adorable?
Extra points if you know the character.  

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Mindy S. said...

Amy was our BIGGEST Elmo fan. She never really cared for the rest of Sesame Street, but she loved Elmo. If you are a Sesame Street fan I would highly recommend watching "Being Elmo". It is a documentary about Kevin Clash (the genius behind Elmo). We were able to watch it on Netflix and it was really really good. It will really give you an appreciation for Sesame Street and Elmo. (Jes even enjoyed watching it with me.)