Saturday, September 15, 2012

Glenwood Springs, Colorado

We took a short trip to
Glenwood Springs when my sister and brother-in-law,
Kim and Randy came to visit.

We checked out the Amtrak station
since Sweetie and I plan a train trip
here soon.

For some reason, this sign
tickled my funny bone.

The hot springs pools were
beautiful and so relaxing.

Good conversations.

The largest pool was 2-3 blocks long.

We took a tram to the top
of the mountain where there
was an amusement park.

Kim and Randy

David and Karen

None of us braved this swing which soared out
into the open sky at the top of the mountain.
I'm sure the views were awesome if
you were brave enough to open
your eyes.

I travel with such nice looking people.

Randy braved the roller coaster
which went down the hill.
The rest of us watched him.

I sat with my feet propped up and enjoyed
the beautiful scenery.  


A Tale of Two Cities said...

Looks like a great get-away in beautiful surroundings. Glad you guys all had so much fun!

Miss G said...

I want to go one of these days! Kelly