Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cookie Decorating 101

On a recent trip to Houston,
I asked my sister-in-law,
Gail, if she would mind giving
me some cookie decorating lessons.
Gail is so creative and I thought
if she actually showed me how to ice 
cookies, I might actually
tackle them on my own.
This was the set up when we arrived.
She had already baked the cookies
and even iced one (upper right) so that
it could harden and we could try
a special technique on it.
The icing bags were filled and ready to go.
Eager pupils were Kim and Sweetie,
pictured with teacher, Gail.
I was the third eager student.
My first attempt at a cupcake cookie.
Gail demonstrating the fine art of spreading the icing. 

Some of my finished creations.
We ate just a few along the way.
Not because we were hungry, you understand,
but because we wanted to test them to be
sure they were tasty.  (And they were!)
Kim was a natural, rubber gloves and all.
Thank you Gail for the great lesson.
I cannot wait to begin baking.


Teresa Abel said...

I have had the pleasure of knowing Gail for many years and working with her for a number of those years. She is without a doubt the best cookie maker I know! And the "icing" on that is that she's a wonderful Christian mother, wife and friend!

Miss G said...

Wow! You did great! I am so glad Aunt Gail taught you. I can't wait for you to get baking either. I wouldn't mind being your taste tester. :) love, Kelly

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Boy, I wish I could have attended that class!
Gail's got quite a reputation in the cookie department! Yummy and beautiful too!