Sunday, September 23, 2012

Principal in the Family

Our family is going to have to start
behaving because we have a principal in
the family now.

Mike VanLoenen, or Mr. V,
as he is affectionately called,
was named principal of
A.B. Freeman Elementary
for the 2012-2013 school year.

We are all excited for Mike
and for the teachers and children
of Freeman because Mike is
a really great guy who has
the best interests of both 
students and teachers as his priority.

But we are especially excited because Mike's
father-in-law, Terry, and all Terry's siblings, 
brother Lynn, and sisters Kim
and Karen (that's me) are alumni
of Freeman.  We attended
Freeman when it was a brand new school
some 50 years ago.  

On a recent visit to Houston,
 Mike gave Kim and me a tour
of the school.  
What a thrill it was to see the school
still looking so beautiful!

Congratulations Mr. V!!!!!


A Tale of Two Cities said...

Those kids are very lucky to have him!

Miss G said...

so neat! Kelly