Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Scavenger Hunt

Some of the ladies at our church
enjoyed a picture scavenger hunt at
our monthly get together for July.
My team consisted of (left to right) me, Linda, Vanessa and Crystal.

In the following photos, you will get
to see some of our challenges.

Go to a donut shop and buy a donut and bring with you with
a bite taken out of it by the person who sold it to you.
 (150 points)
This guy was such a good sport.  

Picking up litter.

(10 points)
My team gave me a hard time because
I picked up the litter for the photo
and then put it back down again.
I did go back and put the litter
in the trash can after realizing what
I had done.

Hugging a stranger
(20 points)

Go to a McDonald's restaurant. Go inside, and everyone
gets down on his hands and knees and pretend you are looking for
someone's lost contact lens for about 3 minutes.
(100 points)

In a bathroom stall at McDonalds
(not handicap)
(50 points)

A picture of all of you in your car with
2 other people you don't know in there also.
(100 points)

Picture with a red convertible
(100 points)

Sitting in one chair together in the house of someone from the group
(50 points)

Entire team in a tree
(40 points)

Entire team on a slide
(10 points)

Someone in the group hanging by their legs on a
jungle gym.
(75 points)

Picture of the entire team with a redhead.
Thanks Kelly for helping out our team.
(75 points)

Some of the really fun challenges that we completed
but that are not pictured here are:

Go to someone's house that you know and when
they open the door, run into the kitchen, sit down
 at the table and shout "what's
for dinner, babe?"
(200 points)
Thank you Joyce and Greg.


At a long traffic light, have everyone
run around once and then get back
in before the light turns green
(75 points)

Would you like to know to know
the most difficult one of the
evening?  Only one team
accomplished it.

Get 5 marshmallows from someones's house you
don't know.
(300 points)

What fun!
Hanging out with good friends
and being a little crazy.

Thank you Joan and Sarah for planning
a super fun night.


A Tale of Two Cities said...

What a fun party idea!

Carrie said...

Sounds like so much fun. I forgot about it and I'm sad I missed it.

Miss G said...

You guys are fun! So glad I went! Kelly

BR said...

this was a fun post to read! fun shoes, karen! you'll have to have kelly tell you the story of the alaska airlines check-in clerk asking where david got his red hair!!