Tuesday, July 10, 2012

10 on 10 Book Edition

Sometimes it seems I am defined
by the books in my life,
the ones I have read, the ones I
am reading, and the ones waiting to be read.

My UHCL class is using two
new textbooks this fall.
I am enjoying learning new things
to teach my students, but
new textbooks are a lot of work.

Our preacher, Patrick Mead, suggested this
book.  It is by Sara Barton, who served
as a missionary in Uganda with our
friends, Greg and Jill.
Sara is stretching my thinking.

Another friend from church told me about
Inspired Reads, a FB app which
 tells you about Christian Fiction.
I have downloaded several books on
my IPad free of charge.
Oh, dear, another way to read.

I "have" to read lots of children's and young
adult books for my job as
an instructor of Children's Literature.
This is my current shelf of library
books waiting to be read.

I received an e-mail from a mother
the other day asking if I had
some books that her children have
to read for summer reading.
Tuck Everlasting was on the list.
I used to read this to my students
when I taught 4th grade.
I LOVE this book.

Somewhere along the way I started
collecting stuffed animals to go with
picture books.
Verdi the snake is one of the grandson's
favorite.  Did you know he flies in the book
and often in my office when the little
guys are here?

I bought this book when I had 3 children--
Kelly, Jeremy and Mandy.
Then Adrian came along and it didn't apply
anymore because his addition added a 4th favorite.  
Now I have 3 favorite grandchildren.
I'm betting that won't apply in the next few years.
No, there are no announcements from Colorado.

Some of my book character stuffed animals.
Do you recognize any of them?

The young Gibson family gave me Duck and Goose for
Christmas.  These little characters never cease to make
me laugh.

Yes, I actually have 11 pictures in this 10 on 10.
We'll count these two books as one picture.
I learned to read using these
basal readers.  

So many books, so little time!


Mindy S. said...

Ooohh! Lots of things for me to check out today. I even pinned a couple of things!

Do you shop at Kohls? Their "children's book/stuffed animal set" right now is Skippyjon. I thought of your post about David when I saw that.

A Tale of Two Cities said...

This was one of my favorites of all your blogs! Do you remember when Sara Barton came and spoke? Was that at one of our SE retreats ( I think so) or one of the city wide Abundant Joy days. I remember communicating with her....


Anneli said...

I just have to check out if some of these books (like Tuck everlasting for an example) is translated to swedish.

Kori said...

I just bookmarked Sara's book! I hadn't heard she had written one.
I don't do fb, but that Inspired Reads has a blog version - and they have a children's site also you may like.

Anonymous said...

I learned to read with Tip and Mitten & Jack and Janet, too!!

The Gillaspie Family said...

Loving this post...I'm a reading specialist. :)

Miss G said...

I should read Tuck Everlasting. Is it sad?

Did you buy Sara's book?