Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pikes Peak Beauty

I am a lucky woman.
I get to see Pikes Peak every
single day.  In fact, when I 
am in the car with the grandsons,
we often say, "Good Morning, Mr. Pike"
to the mountain. 
I got to go up to the top of the Peak
on the Cog Railway when visitors
from Houston were here last week.

The views are truly breathtaking
and no photograph can really
describe the beauty.

Katharine Lee Bates penned a
poem while
she was going up the mountain in
the 1800's and the poem became
our well beloved song,
America the Beautiful.
I cannot imagine
ascending that mountain
in a buggy, but she did.

Equally hard to describe is
the blessing of
lifelong friends who
share life and ascend
both literal and figurative
mountains with you.

God is so good!  

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A Tale of Two Cities said...

You are enjoying so many "mountain-top" experiences lately! Lucky you...