Thursday, April 5, 2012

Health Update--April 2012

Here's an Easter Update on my health.
I have had some healing problems because of
the radiation that I completed back in December.
My plastic surgeon had warned
me that this might be the case, and although, of
course, I hoped for no more surgery, I knew
it was a possibility.

On Friday, I had surgery to correct
this problem and I am now home and doing well.

As so often happens in my life, a
big blessing preceded this issue.

do some Easter shopping last Tuesday.
I arrived a little before 9 when they open
and went into the little "foyer" to wait.
A really nice employee of Mardel's opened
the door and said that the store wasn't open
yet, but that she was having a personal
devotional and wondered if I would like to join her.

I, of course, said yes, and proceeded to tell her
that I was scheduled for surgery and would appreciate her
prayers. Just then a man came to the door and asked if the
store was open yet. She told him, No, but that if
he would like to come in and pray with us, he was welcome.
It turns out that he is the chaplain of the
Colorado Springs Police Department.
He prayed for both the employee and me.

What a blessing!
Isn't God's timing amazing?


A Tale of Two Cities said...

What a great story--I hear Colorado Springs is full of Christians, and this is a good testimony for your second hometown. Hope you are mending nicely!

Thinking today of all the photos we've made of our kids at Easter through the years....

Lynn Leaming said...

Well, I am so thankful for this story and blessing, but upset that you didn't let us know so we could be praying. Of course, perhaps it is more my fault for not checking back with you during the week! I wondered where you were today? Hope you are healing great and it won't require anymore treatments? Love you!