Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Crazy Colorado Weather

We have been having glorious
spring weather here in the Springs.
It was almost 80 degrees last week.
All that ended yesterday with a spring snowstorm.
With the snow came the winds.
When I looked out my window this morning
onto my upper deck, there were only 3 chairs
instead of 4. I couldn't imagine where the 4th
chair could be.

The wind had picked up the chair and set
it back down in the backyard. Would have
loved to have seen how that happened!

We are predicted to be back in the
60's by the end of the week.


Miss G said...

Wow! Guess I should have waited to move your chairs up. Kelly

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Makes it tricky figuring out the spring wardrobe, I bet. Just go with the flow, I suppose. We are pretty warm here in Texas, as you can imagine.