Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Washing Hair = Jesus Washing Feet

If you had told me a week ago, I would have this picture
of me on my blog, I would have told you you were CRAZY!
Not my best pic ever!
But as my daughter, Kelly, aptly put it, this
might be Happy Memory #1/Post Mastectomy.
My sweet daughters found a way to wash my hair,
which was driving me absolutely crazy.
They learned how to do this from our great
Messiah, as he was willing to wash his disciples
dirty feet.
More to follow!


Jenni said...

Such sweet girls!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Loving someone means taking care of their needs. Isn't it wonderful to have the precious love of your girls?

Jana said...

That's great, Karen! Clean hair makes you feel 100% better. So glad your sweet girls worked this out. Missing you and praying for you daily. Take care of yourself and let the rest of us know how we can help.

Mandy Gibson said...

It was TRULY our pleasure. There are so many people that would love to be able to do something/anything for you while you are going through this process and Kelly and I are the privileged ones that had the opportunity. You are greatly loved!

A Tale of Two Cities said...

A lot of love went into that hair washing, I'm sure. I'm so thankful that you are on the mend--hoping you are feeling a little better each day.

I love you friend!