Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ups and Downs of Cancer

As most of you know, I am a "glass half full"
rather than a "glass half empty" person.
When writing the title to this blog post,
it was very tempting to say "very serious illness"
rather than Cancer. Cancer is such an ugly word.
But that is what it is, and I needed to say the
word to acknowledge exactly what God and I along with my
family and friends are fighting together.

Obviously there are some really pitsy things about what I'm going though.
(Is pitsy still a word or did it disappear in the 70's)?
Having to sleep in your recliner because the bed is so uncomfortable
Doctor's appointments (lots of them)
What would I do without my precious husband taxi driver?
Medicines (although I am thankful for them)
Missing getting to do the things you love to do
like wrestle with your grandsons, make trips to
Houston and go to church

But there are some up sides too!
Since I'm a "glass half full kind of girl" you'll hear more of these
as the months progress, but I just thought I'd share one with you this evening.
I got a handmade card the other day from some precious friends.
To those of you who know me from Texas and other places, I
will not include their names to protect the "guilty".

For my Colorado friends, you already know the guilty
This card made me laugh and laugh and laugh
which I hear is the very best kind of medicine.

By the way, I am keeping a notebook of all the precious
cards and notes I am receiving--
and an on-line file of all the e-mails and FB messages.
Although I haven't thanked each of you personally, please
know that they mean the world to me and are
helping me to fight this ugly Cancer!
I love you dear friends.

And to the two of you in the pictures above, I
might just check with Hallmark and
see if I can sell the card for millions.
I might even share the money with you.


gtwinmom said...

May you blessed with an over abundance of laughter! (Sherry Martin )

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Hello dear friend,
It's so sweet to see your blog here--to know that you are making progress in your recovery, and to know that laughter is helping in the process. I miss your trips to Houston too, but hopefully they will pick up again someday soon.

Keeping you in prayer.....

Anonymous said...

I know those two people and they are usually so sophisticated! They must really love you to have "let their hair down" like that. Jeanette

Miss G said...

That card was soo great! And I'm proud of you for using the cancer word. It is hard but I am sure that is part of the healing too. I love you soo much and am soo proud of you! Kelly

Lynn Leaming said...

Definitely makes the fight easier if you are a "glass half full" type person as Romans 8:28 assures us that even though none of us like the fact that you are having to fight the cancer battle, God has some amazing things He wants to do through you and with you. I will be praying that He give you the strength to keep looking at all that you will be going through through those lenses. Love the fact that the "guilty party" was able to make you laugh!! I remember when I had my accident I kept all the cards, notes, emails as well and on those days when things were a little harder I could go back and read those and it would give me such comfort and strength. One of my treasured gifts was when I was in my 3 week coma, someone brought a journal for all the visitors to sign so when I woke up I would know who came and what they wanted to say to me. What a treasure that is to me! I look forward to hearing all the ways God walks you through this time. I loved hearing about Jesus climbing into bed with you! Praying that next time you can also hear Him singing over you. You are in my prayers. Lynn

emily said...

Oh, Dear Dr!!! I can't tell you how you've been on my mind & in my heart-- esp. the 6th as we were both being wheeled in to surgery... I am so thankful that things are going well (in your glass half full world) & wish so much we were neighbors so we could recover together! I hear you on all your pains, & just want you to know I know God is with you, I know you can DO this, & I know you're going to come out smiling still on the other side of it all. So glad you've got those precious daughters to care for your hair!! Those two are priceless. I love you & am praying for you!!