Friday, May 13, 2011

The Very BEST Medicine

Modern Science has provided us with many
miracle drugs that help us get through
painful surgeries.
But our God has provided us with even more
miracles to help us get through those times.
I had three such little miracles today.

The smaller two little prescriptions crawl over to my chair, pull themselves
up and just smile at me. What a pick-me-up!

My older prescription read our favorite funny book together and then
his mom sent this text to me after they left to go home:

"It was so great to see Nana!
When I wasn't seeing her for all those days,
I was really worried about her but now I feel better.
I think I really did make Nana feel better. (long silence). Mom,
I think I'm filled with happy tears (as he wiped his eyes.)


Anonymous said...

Grandchildren have their own special way, don't they? I had the same happy tears when I read that. Speedy healing.~donna

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Ooh, that made me tear up. Sweet Caleb! Those three are just the best therapy that the doctor could order. I"m glad you are in such good hands.

Keep resting and healing....

Love to you

Lynn Leaming said...

So thankful that you were feeling up to their visit and look at that sweet smile on your face as you read with your grandson. Thank you God for the way you pour your love out on us, especially through sweet grandchildren. Hope you continue to feel better every day!

Mandy Gibson said...

It certainly made my day as well. Good medicine for all of us.

barbara said...

Karen, that picture of you reading to your grandson was really wonderful to see. Grandchildren can lift your spirits when no one else will do, I know. Barb

Deborah said...

These last two posts brought "happy tears" to my eyes as well. Your beautiful perspective is amazing. Thank you for your transparency, and for sharing this little piece of your journey with those of us that are praying for you and your family.

SUE said...

My Ben and Avery are my "tender-hearted" grandchildren. Like your babies, they are my perscriptions to getting well!! So glad to see you up and reading - with a smile on your face! Kiss kiss! Sue

Kim said...

I can't wait to have my 'happy tears"! Love you!