Monday, May 16, 2011

Another Good Prescription=A New Antique

In case anyone ever doubted that my
husband is an angel, here is definite proof.
Kelly is a Craigslist
surfer and she found this 72 drawer
card catalogue for an excellent price.
David insisted that he, Kelly and Adrian
go see the piece of furniture, send me photos
(what did we do before iphones?)
and then buy it for me if it was "meant to be."
Well of course it was meant to be.
It will probably live in the grandchildren room
when it is all ready and hold crayons,
tinker toys, hot wheels, marbles, and maybe
even someday Barbie clothes.

Good Medicine--I am feeling better already!


Jenni said...

what a great find!!!

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Boy I love this extra special care you are getting--even your caregivers are your personal shoppers too. I have no doubt that you will enjoy the hours you spend filling it.

Julie said...

That is so you! What a great treasure.

Allison said...

The perfect find for sure!
Love you!