Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Freezing Fog

When I checked the weather as I do each morning,
I saw the term "Freezing Fog."
Although we have lived in Colorado for almost
a year and a half, I wasn't familiar with that term.
When I opened my shutters, I saw the evidence of
Frozen Fog.
There is no snow on the ground because it didn't snow.
But the trees and bushes are covered with a
dusting of icy beauty.
Isn't God's creation amazing?
Just a little FYI:
Freezing Fog makes sidewalks
VERY slippery. Who knew?


Anonymous said...

When my mom lived in MN she commented about how beautiful the frozen fog is.~donna

Miss G said...

craziness but really neat. love you, Kel

Allison said...


A Tale of Two Cities said...

We experienced some of that in London last week too. It's amazing, but I'm thankful to be in Houston where the temps are in the 80's and I don't have to be walking on ice. Best part is being with family at Christmas--enjoy your family time!


Mindy S. said...

I have lived in Oklahoma for 10 years now (minus that 1 year in Arkansas). Last year we had our first freezing fog. When I first heard them say it on the weather report I really thought that the weather men were just making things up. :-) Have a merry Christmas!

joda said...

freezing fog... nope, none of that around here.

stay safe! no walking on sidewalks that are slippery!