Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 ABC's V through Z

This post is a continuation of the Gibson 2010 ABC's.
V is for Visitors.
We were so blessed to have many visitors during 2010.
We are excited to have more visits this year.
We are hosting a family reunion in July.
W is for Wonderful Views.
The Garden of the Gods is less than
20 minutes from our home and one
of my favorite spots in this beautiful area.
Book cover courtesy of

X is for an extra measure of peace.
I read this book earlier this year.
It blessed me immensely.
I know I will spend time during 2011
grieving for my daddy, but I have peace knowing
that the ordinary joys in life will
Y is for Yearn for Heaven.
How blessed we are that 2000 years ago,
God sent his precious son so that we can
have hope of life forever in His presence.
Z is for Happy New Year!
OK, I know that doesn't make any sense
at all, but guys, Z's are difficult
to come by. So, just use
your imagination.

David and I hope that your 2011 is filled with God, family and friends!

We have many talented photographers in our family.
Most of the photos in this post are courtesy of them.
You know who you are!
Thank You!

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Miss G said...

Happy New Year! Good ABCs. Kelly