Saturday, December 25, 2010

2010 ABC's--A though E

I am not going to be able to get our annual Christmas letter out this year,
so here it is in digital format.
For the next several posts, you will
get to see the Gibson ABC's of 2010.

A is for Aaron.
This delightfully happy baby boy has added such
joy to our lives.
B is for babies.
To be blessed with one grandbaby in a year
is wonderful--2 is joy untold.
C is for Caleb.
As many previous posts have indicated, Caleb is one
of the brightest lights in our life.
He keeps us smiling in amazement.
D is for David.
Although this little man doesn't live close
in miles, he lives very close to our hearts.
We have gotten to see him many times during his first year.
E is for Eastside Church of Christ.
Finding a church that is a home is very special.
These are just some of the
ladies who have become my very dear friends.
(They don't always dress like this--this was
Ugly Sweater Night.)

We have many talented photographers in our family.
Most of the photos in this post are courtesy of them.
You know who you are!
Thank You!

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