Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 ABC's--Q through U

This is a continuation of the Gibson 2010 ABC's.
Q is for Quest.
I am always on a quest for antiques.
These school desks were a great find.
This mixer was only $3.00.
R is for Royal Gorge.
One of the favorite spots we have visited in Colorado.
Notice the Texas flag for our Texas guests.
S is for So Happy to Be Homeowners Again!
Our leased Patio Home was nice, but
was just not the same as having a home of our own.
We love our new home.
T is for Trees.
We had a gorgeous, showy autumn.
An autumn view from our driveway.
U is for United States of America.
How blessed we are to live in this nation.
How blessed our family is that Todd, Mandy's brother,
is home safely after serving his country for a year.

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