Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Snow Shovel Controversy

The Patio Home we are leasing has
someone who comes and plows out the driveway,
sidewalks, and streets when it snows.
We happily watching this man's hard work
this morning from the comfort of our
warm and cozy home.
Now you might wonder what is controversial
about that.
Well, here is the issue.
Since the home we are buying does not
have the same service, I very kindly offered
to buy my sweet husband a snow shovel.
He, on the other hand, being the enlightened
man that he is, said that he would buy me one.

So you get to vote with your comments.
Who should shovel snow?
The husband or the wife?


curlycue81 said...

say get a snow dog and train it to shovel the snow every morning...

MM said...

YOU are the ones who CHOSE to live where it snows that much. I say matching shovels....and maybe have a race to see who can shovel the most the fastest. Just to keep retirement exciting.

Kim said...

I like the matching shovels concept! Good cardio! Were you looking for sympathy for moving to a state that has a blizzard in March - I don't think so! Love you!

Supermom said...

I say...PAY someone else to do it! We paid someone all winter here, totally worth every penny.

bjc said...

Sorry Dave, as much as I dislike shoveling snow (hence living where it doesn't snow), this is part of the husbandly duty. After all this is a small price to pay for the privilege of being married to such wonderful women, right?

Debi said...

On one of our first snows in Chicago, the snow removal service had removed everything on the driveway and streets, but the front sidewalk needed to be done since we were expecting guests. Not having a shovel, Mike worked really hard moving the snow around with a huge piece of cardboard from a box. He bought a shovel the next day.


Marla Robbins Finley said...

I say get the number of the snow shoveling company! That'll make everyone happy including your backs! :)

Kathy Connolly said...

I say find a service, and pay them!

Miss G said...

well, I think Marla's answer is classic.

My first thought was why y'all were even thinking about who should have it when maybe you could just pay to have it done.

My third and final thought is that shoveling snow falls under "man work". Sorry Dad . . . just in general that's what I think.

Love y'all! Kelly

Anonymous said...

see. as someone married to yankee that grew up with lots of feet of snow each year (as in my in-laws still have snow on the ground now!!) skip the shovels and go for the plough attachment for the vehicle and put dave to work!
rita :)
or you could just move here and not worry about it all.