Friday, March 12, 2010

Grandbabies, Grandbabies

I am leaving today to go to Dallas to be with Kelly and Adrian for a baby shower
and to help them "nest" before this wonderful new adventure
of parenthood begins.
I am VERY excited.

Photo courtesy of The Graphics Fairy.
But, Baby Aaron, Mandy and Jeremy's new little one,
is "knocking at the door" wanting to
come see us, so I am also a little nervous
about being away.
Aaron, please listen to your Nana.
We are so excited about your arrival, along with
your cousins arrival, but PLEASE wait until Nana gets home.
Is that a deal????


a Tale of Two Cities said...

Those babies need to take a number and come at their designated time. Hang on, Aaron!

So excited for you Karen!

Miss G said...

Thank you sooo much for coming!!! It was wonderful having you here! love you, Kel