Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Birthday Party

 Last weekend, I went to Houston to attend
the first birthday party of my 1 year old
twin nephews.  
Boy, can my niece and nephew-in-law
throw a party.
They would be the first to say
that others, like MawMaw and
Aunt Stacie pitched in to make
it a success.

I hope you enjoy the wonderful pictures of all
the details that made the party so much
fun for children and adults alike.  



Popcorn in cute bags with Dr. Seuss sayings.

Smash cakes.
I had not heard that term
before but these were the cakes that
Thing 1--Alex
and Thing 2--Nick
smashed and ate.

Assorted sweets all in the blue and red theme.


"Real" food too and even a cheese tree.

Everywhere you turned, there were more decorations.

Wreaths with pictures of the boys during
their first year.
This is Alex.

This is Nick.

Each boy had a book
for the guests to sign so they
would one day "remember"
who was at their first
birthday party.

Drinks in a cute color coordinated tub

A welcome to our party arrangement

Fili's parents had these
cute Thing 1 and Thing 2
pinatas made.

Picture garlands

 Mom and Dad

A great caricature artist who was a huge hit.

The stars of the show
They were so, so cute
and such troopers though the whole party.

The Pinatas were a huge
success with the cousins.

Nick got a shot

Alex gets his turn.

Cousin Graham got in on the action.

Aaron confiscated Thing 1's
foot when it finally fell off.
The birthday boys were worn out
by the end of the day and needed
read nourishment.

So thankful that I am able to
travel to Texas for special
occasions like these.
Happy Birthday, Nick and Alex.


Miss G said...

This is SOOOO adorable!!! The flags on the drink tub are really fun and the photo wreaths are my absolute favorite!!!!!!! Kelly

BR said...

Oh my gracious! What a darling party! and hosted by parents of 1 year old twins! bless their dear hearts! I remember when my twins were one! lol. pretty sure one of us got a migraine while the other 3 of us spent the day crying and we cancelled the party. these guys are troopers for sure and I send all my admiration! Way to go, Twin Mom and Twin Dad! Also: as a wise twin mom once told me, "it gets easier after the first year." enjoy the coming months!