Saturday, June 27, 2015

Nana Cousin Camp 2015--Movie Night Edition

This is the first summer that our
grandchildren have really been big
enough to all sit for a Movie Night and it
was such a fun night.
They loved the book, even though
it has a Christmas theme.
And, oh my goodness, if you have never seen
this movie, or haven't seen it in a while,
it is such a treat.  Kelly remembers that when
we had out of town company once when she was little
we decided to have movie night and watch this.
She was not at all interested.
According to her (and I don't remember this)
I told her that she didn't have
to watch anything more
than the first several minutes.
At that point I told her,
she was welcome to
leave and do her own thing.
Of course, she was hooked.
You cannot have movie night without popcorn.
These are giant, Texas Sized bags.  The boys
got popcorn and Cora had mini marshmallows
in hers.  
Of course, you have to have a ticket
to be admitted.
I usually just tell the parents when
Nana Cousin Camp will be or at
the most send an email invitation.
This time, I made a printed invitation
and it was a huge hit.  Kelly said that
David went to the refrigerator
and read it over and over and over.

He informed me on the phone
a few days prior to Movie Night
that he was having trouble
sleeping because he was so excited.  
You might wonder about the sheets covering
the furniture.  Well, we did have buttered popcorn
which makes greasy fingers, and we were
sitting on good furniture.
This is not this Nana's first rodeo!
Caleb and Aaron brought
their PJ's and stuffed animals.
Great idea!
Everyone was enthralled with the movie, including
little Cora, who I had thought might not last long.
She did abandon the movie
for a while in the middle to have
Decca read her some of
her favorite books.
That was possibly Ducca's
favorite part of the evening.

Before the movie started,
there was an oldie Donald Duck cartoon.
I wish I had gotten a shot of the
Swiss Family Robinson movie itself, but
I was too engrossed in the film to remember.
Another shot of the movie goers.

What I couldn't capture in pictures:
CORA:  Where's the tiger? Where's the tiger?
AARON:When are the pirates going to come?
CALEB:  Huge belly laughs every time the youngest son
outwitted the tiger, the pirates, etc.
CALEB:  Eyes closed in disgust at the kissing scenes.
DAVID:  The snake is the scary part, guys!
(He was the only one who had seen it before)
DAVID:  Picking out a Marco's Pizza shirt
on his own to wear because he knew I was ordering
Pizza from our favorite Pizza Restaurant.
ALL THREE BOYS:  Jumping up and down
as The Swiss Family Robinson outwitted
the pirates and then asking me to
replay that scene so that they
cold reenact it.  (Lots of jumping
around and yelling was involved.) 

Oh, and lest I forget, the menu was:
Root Beer Floats
Popcorn (and Marshmallows)
Nana believes in healthy snacks. :)

Ducca and I had a delightful
Friday night at the movies
with four of our favorites.
Hope you enjoyed your weekend as well.


Mindy S. said...

Love this! Every few weeks or so we will have a family pizza and movie night on a Friday. We have started renting all of the old Disney movies through "Amazon Streaming". Our girls have LOVED them. Swiss Family Robinson was the movie we watched last month and it was a big hit. We have also enjoyed the Herbie movies, Snowball Express and The Ugly Dachshund. The Apple Dumpling Gang is next in our line up. I love that all your boys loved Swiss Family Robinson too. Love that they wanted to reenact the pirate parts. There wasn't much of that going on in this house of girls. =) And I love your sheets! We use picnic blankets on the floor and lap trays to eat. Greasy pizza fingers aren't allowed on the furniture here.

Miss G said...

I love that Caleb was closing his eyes at the kissing scenes! And it is hilarious how Cora's whole arm disappeared into her "popcorn" bag! Thank you!! Kelly