Monday, June 15, 2015

Nana Cousin Camp 2015--Digging Edition

The second Nana Cousin Camp
happened today.

Our backyard has the greatest
spot for digging, so we focused
on digging with 
the great classic by Ruth Krauss
illustrated by Maurice Sendak

We also enjoyed the fantastic book

 We had 3 extra guests
today. Two were friends
of Caleb and Aaron,
Jackson and Halle.

Because of the extra kids
we also had Aunt Mandy
as a visitor.

She taught the kids the Hokey Pokey
featured in DIARY OF A WORM,
but for some reason it won't load on
this post, so you'll have to 
check out my INSTAGRAM
to see how great the kids
(and Mandy) were.

Group hug 
You gotta love a great book.
David and Cora are hidden
behind the book.
Now you can see everyone.
After we learned about digging
holes and all about worms,
it was time to explore the great

The highlight was when
Halle found a worm.  The
even bigger highlight was when
the worm pooped on Halle's finger.
Ducca had hidden "jewels" in the dirt
for the little diggers
and they had a blast finding them.
Before long it was time to move
to the under-the-deck swings.
Thanks Jeremy for creating this
fun spot several years ago.
David has graduated to
standing up in the swing.
He's five after all.
Caleb was the swing pusher
for Halle.
Cora would have swung all day
if someone hadn't gotten
too tired to push her more.
Aaron likes twisting the swings
and letting them fly.
I'm not sure why I didn't get
more pictures of
Jackson except that he
was very busy exploring.
I wish you could hear the voice
as it drifted down to me...
"Hi, Nana.  Hi, Nana.  Hi, Nana."
Caleb created a special picture
to commemorate the day.
Each person is featured in
the details of the picture.
I almost forgot to mention the
snack.  Little David was really concerned
thinking Nana had lost it and was feeding
the grandchildren real dirt.
Click HERE for the
Pinterest recipe.
There are
several other book related
ideas on this site as well.  
Finally, a shout out to Ducca who
loosened digging dirt and "planted"
lots and lots and lots of jewels for
little people to find.


Miss G said...

yay, Nana and Ducca! Thank you!!! love you, Kelly

T said...

What fun to get to peek in on Nana Camp!