Sunday, June 7, 2015

Nana Cousin Camp--Sea Turtle Edition

I love having Nana Cousin Camps
during the summer although
I am not as brave as some of
my Nana friends such
as Debbie Gardner who
does a week long sleep-over camp.

This year I decided that
each day camp would have
a book theme, a book themed craft
or activity, and a book themed snack.

KISS (Keep It Simple Silly)

I checked out 3 Sea Turtle books
from my fantastic local library.
Sea Turtles by Judy Wearing
Sea Turtles by Samantha Bell
Sea Turtles by Gail Gibbons

The kids were super cute about learning about sea turtles.
Of course, the 3 boys taught me and Cora
information we didn't know because
there had been a sea turtle episode on
Wild Kratts, their favorite show.  
Each of them made an air dried
clay sea turtle.
Caleb is pondering his
lump of clay.
Aaron's creation as it evolved.
David created a Palmer Park
Mountain with a cave.
Don't ask me how that
correlates with Sea Turtles.
I have no idea but it made
perfect sense to him.

Caleb's Sea Turtle
The only tools needed were
clay, straws, toothpicks
and lots of imagination.
Cora was very serious about her
creation.  Her pretty dress was
removed to keep from having
clay all over it.
Bird's Eye View
You Gotta love that red hair.

Proud Artist
The snack was also a sea turtle.
The only supplies needed were
a waffle, a banana, and two chocolate chips.
Why do 5 years olds hate to
smile for the camera?
Yes, even a two year old can make
a waffle sea turtle.

It tastes even
better when you add maple
syrup and strawberries.
One of the reasons for the simple
planned activity is that the most
fun is had "just" playing.
Caleb and Cora played cars and grocery store.

David and Aaron played
outside in the digging hole.
You might have noticed
that David (by his own
admission) dressed up in
sea turtle colors.  He
said he was an undetermined
It is sometimes a challenge
finding things that both a
two year old and an eight year
old will enjoy.
One thing is always certain--
they enjoy each other. 
There was even a little screen
time at the end of the day.
Sweet brother and sister.
All in all it was a 
GREAT first Nana Cousin
Camp for Summer 2015.

Stay tuned for future editions.  

Pinterest is a Nana's Best Friend
Click Here for Clay Sea Turtle
My library did not have the book
associated with this craft
but yours might

Click Here for Sea Turtle Snack


Miss G said...

I love the play by play! Thank you so very much for doing these!!! You are the world's best Nana! love you! Kelly

Mindy S. said...

Love this! My first laugh--authors who write about sea turtles aren't very creative with their titles are they? ;-)

And you pointed out the red hair and I had to notice that they all have their very own hair color. Love that! And love them!

Courtney Bailey said...

Very cute ideas!

BR said...

very sweet.
cora is more beautiful each time i see her.