Thursday, December 26, 2013

Snippets of Christmas 2013

We had a merry Christmas at the 
Gibson House.
This post will be
random pictures
to ensure that we 
remember this year.
These grandchildren are
growing up so fast that we
don't want to forget 
each and every stage.  
Aunt Mandy couldn't figure
out why everyone wanted to take
pictures of her.
David and Aaron enjoying their stockings.
Hulk water found in stocking is soooo good! 
Is that movie star David?
Beautiful Cora enjoyed her first Christmas.
The baby from her stocking
is just like the ones that her
Sweetie uses in her Cradle Roll Class.

Pearls are appropriate Christmas attire.
Please note Kelly's hand
in this picture because this is
the only picture of her.
Let's all open our gifts together.
Caleb's National Geographic books.
We have a reader!!!

Still practicing her unwrapping skills.
Even the big kids enjoyed their presents. 
David would have been happy with
just his Chuggington trains.  
 The adults all bought
each other's gifts at thrift stores
or garage sales.
It was FUN!
Here Adrian gets a print
of Pittsburgh.  
Another baby!
Wish I could have
caught her expression when
she first saw it.
(Kelly's leg and boot--
we do love her, just
didn't get any photos).
I think she might just
be getting into this.
Sulley makes this boy smile!
 At one point (not posing for a picture)
Ducca and I were surrounded
by grandchildren.
 Life is good…..
 …..very, very good!

And the aftermath!

What a Merry Christmas!  

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Thank you for sharing your Christmas.~dprice