Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Book Tradition

We started a new tradition last year, but it just
didn't take off very well. 
But this year, the boys love it
and cannot wait to enter Nana
and Ducca's house and open their
book of the day.
I guess that just goes to prove
that sometimes you have to "do"
traditions a while before they
are really traditions.
I simply wrapped up a lot of the Christmas books
that I have collected over the years.
I placed them on the antique school desk
in the hallway.
Every time a little visitor comes to my house, he
gets to open a "new" book and
Nana reads it to him.
(Thanks for the idea, Kelly)
These are some of the books that we have
read already this year.
If you are familiar with The Jolly Postman,
this is the Christmas version of that book.
Lot of interaction.
Little ones enjoy it--David especially
enjoyed the Humpty Dumpty
puzzle in one of the envelopes
inside the book, but it is probably most appropriate
for elementary age children.
Kelly, who is a former music teacher,
mentioned that she especially loves this
version of the popular Christmas song.
How can you go wrong with illustrations
by Steven Kellogg?
I adore the illustrations in the Bear books and
this one is extra special.
Bear really wants to sleep since
it is time for hibernation, but
he stays up to share Christmas with his
I have had this fold-out book since
my 4th grade teaching days.  My students
loved it and now my grandchildren
love it as well.
Santa tries on all kinds
of different outfits because Mrs.
Claus accidentally shrunk his suit.
The illustrations are guaranteed
to create lots of giggles.
This is one of Aaron's favorites.
Remember the art project we
did with this book at Moore, teacher friends?
If you noticed the little bear sitting
on the top of the stack of wrapped books
in the first picture,
this is the book that goes with
the bear.  The boys love to sit
and make the bear go "Peef" which
of course, is his name.
(Thank you for this book, Joyce)
I'm a sucker for great illustrations,
and this book definitely delivers.
With all the snow we have had lately,
it has been fun reading about this magical
snowman who creates the snow.
This was one of Caleb's picks and he
liked it so much that he asked his mom
to read it to him a second time.
He even noticed that the little
angel had lost his front teeth,
just like Caleb.
Jan Brett is a master of details in her illustrations.
Children will have fun looking through all the wonderful
illustrations to find the Gingerbread Baby.
I cannot wait until our
Baby Cora is big enough
to join in the Christmas reading fun.
The Polar Express is a classic (for a very good reason).
In my opinion, the book is oh, so much better than the
movie.  When I was reading this one aloud,
I noticed that the boys were just staring at me
while I was reading it.  It was like they were
in a magical trance.
This is a fun book for children, but some of the jobs
that Santa had before he got his present job
are really interesting to the adult
reader as well as the child.
My little guys really like the upside down
When we have finished reading the book
of the day, it goes into the suitcase.  Many
of them are re-read over and over again.
Notice the School Santa Set (a gift
from my friend Debi) and the long johns
made out of socks.  These were made
for me by Pat Risley many, many
years ago when her sons were in
my 4th grade class.

Do you have any Christmas traditions
that you would like to share?


Mindy S. said...

Hmmm...Some new ones that we will definitely have to check out. Have you seen the Snowmen books by Caralyn Buehner? There is a Snowmen at Christmas and three others I think. They are one of Katelyn's favorites right now. There is a cute story, but on each page there are also some hidden pictures to find. Katelyn LOVES that.

Heather said...

I did this last year with Emily (now 5). She liked it ok last year, but this year it is a huge hit with both girls (ages 5 & 3). They take turns opening one each night and it's so much fun to see them excited about the books.