Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Ornament Nostalgia

I always get a little nostalgic
when I put the Christmas ornaments
away for another year.
The ornaments below are
ones that teachers made
with my children through
the years.
I so wish I had put years and
teacher's names on the back of the
ornaments, but I didn't think
of that at the time.

I probably had no idea that
these simple hand-made ornaments
would be some of my favorites 30+ years
later.  If you follow this blog and
helped my children make one
of these ornaments, PLEASE
comment and let me know.  

She still likes to sit with her feet
up in the chair.
Jeremy--what a handsome young man.
Thank you to whomever put
the date on the front.  This would have
been the year that her little brother
was born so she would have been in
Mother's Day Out.
I'm guessing 4th Grade with Mrs. Hollis for this one
but I'm not sure.
How do you like that "bowl cut"

I know this was 4th grade because
that's when Texas History is taught.
I wonder if anyone will ever figure out how
to keep construction paper from fading.
Or is that some of its charm?
Kelly made this little bell from
tinsel and it is one of her
At one point, wooden ornaments
were the rage.  I remember my daddy
cutting out and my mother painting
lots of wooden ornaments.

Thanks for walking down
memory lane with me.

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Miss G said...

I think you are right about the tree being fourth grade and I also think the silver foil/tinsel bell was fourth grade. I would like to point out that although I still like to sit with my feet up in my chair, my position these days is a bit more graceful! :) love you and love these ornaments too! Kelly