Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Pre-Christmas Party 2013

On December 23rd,
we had a PRE-Christmas Party
The little guys are finally old enough
to play some of the games that I used
when I was teaching school.
Putting "clings" up on fireplace
screens and windows
was a favorite activity.
Busy, busy little boys.
"I'm decorating Nana"
We read the story of Jesus
birth, and they arranged a nativity
scene on the coffee table.
Please note Aaron's shirt on
the red chair.  He spent
most of the day in his t-shirt.
Freezing temperatures
don't deter him from being
Their idea of a Christmas photo.  
Decorating Christmas cupcakes
was a highlight of the party.
They did a good job, but sprinkles
were EVERYWHERE including
in their mouths.
Again, notice Aaron's fashion statement.
The off-the-shoulder
look is alive and well.
Their finished projects.
Cannot get them to
all smile at the same time.
We watched a Christmas video.
They were entranced with Frosty the Snowman.
Kelly and I found these precious Fisher Price
reindeer at a thrift story and they
became a Find the Reindeer Game.

Our final game of the day
we do not have pictures for because
everyone was too busy running
around hiding.

 is the all time favorite
game to play at
Nana and Ducca's house
no matter what the holiday.

It always produces gales of

the very best part of Christmas!

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Kori said...

What fun! Kelly can attest that you never outgrow eating sprinkles - particularly the red ones! I think that was our main goal in making Christmas cookies every year. :-)