Monday, March 25, 2013

Book Review--Stillmeadow Farm by Gladys Taber

Stillmeadow Seasons (Stillmeadow Series, #3)Stillmeadow Seasons by Gladys Taber
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I'm not really sure how to classify this book published in 1950 and written by Gladys Taber.  It is beautifully written with passages that you just want to stop and savor.  The whole book is about a Connecticut farm family as they go through the seasons in a year.  It was recommended to me by Patti who said she found the Taber books when she was in high school and has loved them ever since.

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I would like to share a passage.  This quote, found on page 39, was obviously found beautiful by another reader because it was marked in pencil.

"It is good for us, I think, to keep as much joy in life as we can.  We busy ourselves with so many things that are not of the heart and spirit.  We worry about money, we agonize over the terrible state of the world, we fret at household duties or business minutiae, we work, we argue, we squander our strength in a million ways."

"And all the time the wonder of life is around us, the ecstasy of breathing air ravished by apple blossoms, of walking on fern-cool driftways, of listening to young leaves moving in the moonlight, and of seeing the twilight stars in the violet bowl of the sky.  There is joy enough in one spring day to furnish forth the world, if we but knew it."  

I'm so glad I read this book right before the arrival of Spring!  It is my favorite season of the year, but this year, I think I will enjoy it all the more.  

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