Saturday, December 1, 2012

When Life Gives You Lemons

I LOVE lemons.  The other night, when
I was slicing a lemon, my son commented,
"I wonder how many lemons you have
sliced in your life."

I have no idea how many I have
sliced, but I do know where the
best lemons in the world come from.

David's parents, Ruth and Leon,
have a lemon tree in their backyard
in California.  As far as I know, they
don't spend a lot of time nurturing the tree.
It just does its thing, and its thing
is growing amazing lemons.

Every trip that we make to California,
you can bet that lemons come back home
in the suitcase.  And before we use them,
I always wash them with soap and water.  I never
do that with store bought lemons, but Leon
taught me that when you pick lemons from
his tree, you wash them well.
And so I do.


1 comment:

Miss G said...

California lemons ARE the best! Kelly