Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Visit to Salida

Because both of our children
had their other families in town for 
Christmas Day, and because we had
already had our Gibson family Christmas,
David and I decided to explore
a little town in Colorado that we had heard
about called Salida.  
We left home on Christmas Day at about noon.
We fortified ourselves with lunch and lots
of car snacks because we didn't know if
there would be anything open
on Christmas evening.
We were pleasantly surprised to find
a little Italian restaurante just
a short distance from our motel
which was open on Christmas.
Does anyone know what
New England Style Dining is?
We couldn't figure it out.
We drove around town and saw the most delightful
sight.  A hill at the very end of the Main Street,
was decorated to look like a giant Christmas tree.
It was hard to get a good angle to do it
justice especially since all I had with me
to snap a picture was my Iphone.
A local Methodist church
had this unique Nativity scene all carved out
of wood.
Yes, this is real snow.
It was VERY cold.
Poor baby Jesus looks cold.
On Wednesday morning we went
to the town's famous Pancake Restaurant
that Jeremy recommended.  When
he went on Wilderness Trek when he
was in high school, they ate at the restaurant.
David delighted me with snippets
from this charming little book which
was on our table.  
I got in some antique shopping.
The only thing that I was interested in
was a very old rolling blackboard.
I had never seen one like it but
when the shop owner told me he would
be glad to pack it up and put it in my
car, I asked the price.  $2000.00
was a little more than my budget.
When I mentioned the item to a lady at a
another Antique Store in town, she said
"yes, and it's a little pricey--$900.00.
I must have looked like I had some money
to spend for him to quote me $2000."
The town was very quaint. 
These statues were very unusual.
Perhaps the funniest thing we saw was this
sign by the elevator in our motel.

Hope your Christmas Day was as full of surprises
as ours was.  


Regan said...

I'm so glad you got to experience THE Patio Pancake Place. It's probably best experienced, though, after a week of Ramen noodles and Spam up on a mountain.

Miss G said...

Looks like a lot of fun. A rolling blackboard would be very neat but $2000??!!!!! Remember the one in room E at the old southeast?

BR said...

Thanks for posting! What a special day! Sounds like a dream to just go on a drive w my sweetie. I'm glad you did it.