Monday, December 10, 2012

10 on 10--Christmas Ornaments

For my 10-on-10 today,
I simply went to my Christmas
tree and took pictures of some
of my favorite ornaments.

I love the little Fisher Price school ornament that
Mandy gave me last year.
To the left, you can see the decoupage ornament
that she made me this year.
I have had this real sand dollar
ornament for many years.
It is very fragile and each
year, despite the way I carefully
wrap it up when I put away the ornaments,
I am amazed that it is still in one piece.
I believe it was given to me by
one of my fourth grade students.
I bought a set of these porcelain ornaments
at Foley's (remember that department store?) years ago.

I had a gentleman who tutored my fourth graders
one year.  He was from a local business,
and he was wonderful.  He gave me
this snowman for Christmas.  I don't
remember his name, but I do remember
the impact he had on one of my students.
I love these light bulb ornaments,
but the main reason I pictured them is
because Caleb hooked them all together and
hung them on the tree this year.
Little David loves all things trains and he
really likes this Christmas ornament.
Don't you just love your children's old school-made
ornaments? This one was of Kelly from 1979.

Sweetie made this tree one year when
there were not as many
great grandchildren as there are now.

Another cute school ornament.
This one is my sweet Jeremy.

I have a whole set of cross-stitched
ornaments that several of my friends
and I made for a Young Adults
Christmas Party.  Anyone remember

I hope your Christmas tree brings you
as many wonderful memories as mine
does for me!  


hannah singer said...

hi, karen! LOVE your darling ornaments. that fisher price one is too much! homemade are my faves though ;)

thanks for sharing!

Mindy S. said...

Oh, I love the one of Kelly! I can see a whole lot of little David in that picture!

Mirys + Guigo + Nina said...

Love the snowman!!! But my favorite was the three with all the names on it! Priceless...

Kisses and blessings.
(participating from Brazil!!!)

Leanne Barnett said...

It's lovley having Christmas decorations with a story, these hold such lovely memories.

Kelly Evans said...

Thanks for sharing some of your ornaments and the memories behind them. Unwrapping my treasured ornaments is my favorite part of Christmas decorating! Love all the memories!!

A Tale of Two Cities said...

I remember an ornament just like your cross stitched one! I always think of that season of my life as my cross stitch years, since I've never picked it up since then. Hope you and yours are enjoying the holiday season!

Anonymous said...

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