Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Land Sharks

Caleb, our kindergarten grandson,
is participating in a Running Club
called the Land Sharks.

The philosophy of  the club is to
get kids used to competing, and for each
child to improve their own personal
time each week.

Recently, Caleb had his first race.
The look on his face says it all.
Running can be hard work.

But oh, the joy at the end of the race
when you have your ribbon, water, fruit snacks,
and best friend (who happened to be
a competitor).

We are just entering the season of getting
to go to events to watch our grandchildren.
I cannot help but think of
how many times my mom and dad
came to watch their 12 grandchildren
in every kind of event and

Such a fun and rewarding
season on life.

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