Monday, October 22, 2012

Christmas Cottage Cookbook

I have a friend from our church, Tonya,
who is both a contributing
author and photographer for

This year the magazine,
published a cookbook
as seen above.
The link above will
also take you to information
about the cookbook.

Tonya has a beautiful section
that you might want to check out
on pages 220-235.

What makes that very exciting to me
is that she used various pieces of my home
decor for some of the photo
shoots.  If you have a chance to
browse the book, see if you can figure
out which photos have items
belonging to me
and which photos have items
belonging to my friend Jeanette.

Tonya spent the day at my house
recently shooting a possible
spread on my Grandchildren's Room.
I'll keep you posted on when and if
that will be featured in Cottage Magazine.

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A Tale of Two Cities said...

That is so cool! She must be a fascinating person to know!