Sunday, October 7, 2012

Australia, Mr. Lance???

Doesn't this delightful "old" book
look truly vintage?
Well, I guess it is.
It was given to Kelly in 1977 when she
was just one year old.
The giver?
Mr. Lance White.
Here's what I remember about the 
circumstances surrounding  this book.

Lance and Bonnie were/are our good friends.
Lance was taking a 2 week mission trip
to Australia.
Bonnie was happy for him, but a little nervous
about staying home alone with a two year old
for that long.  (Ashley)
I told Bonnie I would take her to the
airport to see Lance off so that
she wouldn't have to drive home alone.

This won't surprise those of you who know my
navigational skills.  Instead of heading home,
we headed north toward Conroe, Texas.
I'm not sure how long it took us to
realize we were traveling in the wrong direction.
Lance had a wonderful trip!
Bonnie and Ashley survived!
Kelly got an adorable book and ended
up going to Australia herself on
a chorus/mission trip when she
was in college.  

It sure is fun walking down memory lane.

We love you, Bonnie and Lance.


BR said...

skip and wanda told us that they know you! how cool is that? yes! it is a small world!

A Tale of Two Cities said...

I remember, I remember!