Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sky Socks Baseball

I had a date recently with two of my
favorite guys.
We went to a Sky Socks
(Colorado Springs Minor League)
baseball game.

Caleb was a Boston fan at the Sky Socks game.
He wasn't the only Boston fan there.
When we sang Sweet Caroline, their were
lots of voices.
The field is beautiful.

When we sang the National Anthem,
you could actually here lots of people singing.
Jeremy has a beautiful voice and it was
nice to hear him singing next to me.

There was a whole group of fans sitting
on blankets on the hill on the left outfield side.
We might do that next time.

The mascot was fun to watch.

There were a few raindrops,
but the wind was blowing and the
evening was cool and delightful.
Loved being with these two guys.

The fireworks after the game were
awe inspiring.

Pictures don't do the fireworks
justice.  It was really fun hearing all
the oohs and aahs from the audience.

During the fireworks
a nice lady came up to Caleb
and asked if he wanted
her glasses.
They made any light you
looked at have rainbows around
them.  He loved looking
at the fireworks with these glasses.
This random act of kindness
ended a perfect evening.

Oh, I almost forgot, Jeremy
found me a South Dakota
license plate in the parking lot.
Only 3 states to go!!!

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