Sunday, August 19, 2012

I Stink

I am impressed with the crafts
that David is getting in his Bible Class.
This week, he had on this Bible time
costume.  I was asking him about it.
I felt sure it must be Joseph's coat of 
many colors.  He was adamant that it
was about Jesus and hugging his children.
He also got a candy ring.
Kelly has figured out that it must be
the Prodigal son who got a coat and a ring
from his father who then hugged
the wayward son.
She'll have to ask his teacher.

Are you wondering what he is so captivated by?

He had checked out I Stink,
an adorable alphabet book about a
garbage truck from the library.
I just happen to have the video and he wants
to watch it over and over and over again.


jennyc said...

Oh, that is one of our favorite books!! Colton's grandma has the video too and LOVES it. We think the flying tricycle video is kind of funny too :)

We also love "The Three Little Rigs" by David Gordon. We check it out almost every time we go!

Give David and his mommy a hug from us!

Lynn Leaming said...

Such a cute little rocking chair! How blessed he is to have such a great time with his grandma :-)