Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Geek Alert

OK, I'll admit to being a geek sometimes.
This summer I decided that since we
have so many visitors to our lovely city
that I would see if I could spot
all 50 states' license plates.
We are a little over 2 months into the summer and I have
spotted all but 4 states.

I keep a sheet like this in each of our cars so I can highlight the states when I see them.
As you can imagine, I am driving everyone who rides
with me crazy saying things like
"Speed up so I can see what state that is!"
But they are being good sports about it
and helping me out.

I have even seen a Canadian province--Ontario.

There are 4 states that I haven't seen yet.
If you haven't already looked at the photos below,
try to guess what they are before you peek.

Rhode Island is understandable.
I would have thought South Dakota would
be easy, but maybe they have such a small
population that there are not that many cars.

The other two I don't have are Connecticut and Delaware.
Those Northeasterners must fly to Colorado.

Can you believe I have Hawaii and Alaska?
I'm not going to give up.
I'll keep these lists in my car until
I see those last 4 states or until
the lists disintegrate, whichever comes first.


A Tale of Two Cities said...

Good luck with your search!

Mindy S. said...

How fun! One of Amy's friends and her mom are doing that too. They were having a hard time spotting plates from the western states--Wyoming, Utah, etc. I guess people in those states don't have much reason to come to Oklahoma.

Anonymous said...

That's odd about South Dakota. There are a lot of cars there and it's not so far fom you.~Donna P.

Miss G said...

I think it's really fun! Kelly

Deborah said...

I agree that this is a fun undertaking! While we were in Colorado in July, I think I saw as many Texas plates as Colorado! I guess everyone else in Texas had the same idea we did--to get out of the blazing summer heat.