Friday, July 30, 2010

Wisdom from a Superhero

Caleb is in a superhero stage.
He loves to put on capes and other Superhero garb
and pretend. I am the lucky woman who gets to be Lois Lane to his Clark Kent.
And when I wear my "Snuggy",
I am immediately transformed to Super Nana.

We often get pearls of wisdom from Caleb when we are in the car together.
Not this car, the real car. :)
Today, he told Ducca and me that "We are all in God's Family."
Now that's what I call a super smart superhero.

Photos by Aunt Kelly


A Tale of Two Cities said...

Love the superhero era, and Caleb makes a great one!

Go get 'em Caleb,

Miss G said...

great post! thanks for the photo credits. :) Kelly

Cristen said...

Is he wearing dishwashing gloves??? He's a clean superhero for sure! Again, great photos!