Tuesday, July 13, 2010

HELP Please!

This is what my back deck currently looks like.
I just cannot decide on what kind of furnishings I want there.
That's where you come in. I desperately need your help.
Maybe it would help if I tell you what I don't want!
I don't want traditional patio furniture. There is nothing wrong with traditional, but I want something different that is unique and me.
Here are some things I have considered.
A old fashioned picnic table
Shabby Chic Patio furniture
(I already have a green rusted chair that David is not so fond of)
Antique School Desks painted with outdoor paint
A glider!

OK--what do you think? I need some of your great ideas!
Oh, I almost forgot! I don't want to spend a fortune.
And one more thing--I'm more of a "back porch" kind of girl than a "deck" kind of girl!


A Tale of Two Cities said...

We really, really enjoyed a patio table when we lived in Chicago. In nice weather, we ate outside most nights, so I would encourage you to have some kind of table and comfortable chairs to pull around it where you can eat and then just relax before doing the dishes. Your other ideas are cute too.


Cristen said...

WELL, coming from someone who now gets to enjoy a rooftop terrace...COMFY is key. Cute may be nice, but sometimes you can get carried away with the look and not focus on WHY you are putting it back there in the first place. Cushions, hammock, pillows, etc. I'll come by sometime and test comfort levels if you would like!!

Regan said...

I suggest you have Jeremy build you a picnic table. He was very proud of the last one he built.

Miss G said...

oh a hammock! great idea, Cristen! I love hammocks. I am excited to see the table you got today! Do you have any chairs for it yet? I'll have to chime in more in person when I can see it for myself. Kelly

Anonymous said...

I have an antique glider on my pack porch. It was my Grandmother's and sat on her back porch throughout most of my Dad's life. It was the "picture place" where all of the family photos were taken... my dad as a young boy, myself and my cousins as young children on visits to Grandma's house, and my own children along with the other 8 "greats". When she died 4 years ago, that was the only thing of hers that I wanted. I was overwhelmed when my Dad delivered it to Texas and placed it on my own porch. The first thing I did? Called my three children out to sit and pose for a picture! It's in need of a paint job, but I'm afraid of losing some of the nostalgia if it were to be sandblasted and repainted. Besides, I just LOVE it the way it is.

Vanessa Martin