Monday, July 12, 2010

Amazing Book

(book cover courtesy of
I just completed a most amazing book.
As you know, I LOVE to read, but often I read a book, enjoy
"getting away" from it all in the words on the page, and then
promptly forget the book.
The Gift of an Ordinary Day, however, will stay with me forever.
It made me want to slow down and enjoy life more.
Over the next few posts, I would love to share a few quotes from the book.
I hope you enjoy the quotes and perhaps will want to read the book
written by Katrina Kenison for yourself.

"When the long bath was done, I dried my son's pruney skin, his body as familiar to me as my own. I rubbed his head, smoothed sesame bath oil into his thin shoulder blades, down his brown arms, and legs, bundled him up in a huge towel, wrapped him in my arms, and kissed his damp forehead. This is it, I thought, the absolute sweet spot of motherhood--these unguarded moments of pure intimacy, love assumed, the delicious hour when time slows at the end of a day and parents and children come together, reweaving their connections with one another. It was just a child's bath, one of hundreds I'd presided over, but I was blessed that night with the prescience to stop and be grateful, to notice and cherish every detail."
(The Gift of An Ordinary Day, page 163)


myletterstoemily said...

i have heard of this amazing book and
must get one! thank you for the great

we are spending as much of our summer
in your beautiful mountains as possible!

A Tale of Two Cities said...

We may need to start a virtual book club--your suggestions are so good. So it sounds like this one ranks really, really high???

Keep reviewing,

Allison said...

I love the title! I'm adding this to my list. And Debi, you have got to join the fun on Goodreads---a virtual book club, indeed!!

Allison said...
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Miss G said...

I'm giving my little boy a bath this very morning. love you, Kel

Mandy Gibson said...

Wow. I needed this perspective today. Thank you so much for sharing. AND, can I borrow it from you?