Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Speed Scrabble

Sitting on our dining room table is this beautiful table runner that my friend Debi gave me several Christmases ago. If I remember correctly, a friend of hers from Belgium quilted it. I love it and it has been displayed in many places over the years. If you will look very closely at the Santa dish in the middle of the runner, you will see, not candy, but something a bit more unusual.
Here's a closer view.
Yes, Santa is holding Scrabble Tiles. Why, you ask? Well, every evening, after dinner, David and I play a game of Speed Scrabble. Kelly and Adrian taught us the game after their friends Jenny and Scott taught it to them. We have since discovered that there are rules on the Internet. Check them out if you would like to play. These are not the exact rules that we use, but we have discovered that everyone seems to have their own rules and yes, we even make up a few of our own as the game progresses.
Basically, you are playing Scrabble Solitaire. You start with all the tiles turned upside down.
The goal, depending on the version you play, is to get rid of all your tiles and to make the best words.
David wanted to be sure that you saw who won tonight's round.
(And yes, I double checked the math and he did indeed win.)
This might be a game that your family would enjoy playing over the Christmas holidays.


Anonymous said...

If you like this version, you'd probably love the game Bananagrams! Fun twist on Scrabble!
Merry Christmas!

Deborah said...

I LOVE Scrabble! I am definitely going to check out those rules online.

Thanks for the introduction.

A Tale of Two Cities said...

The runner looks great. Someone was just talking about Speed Scrabble the other day, and I wonder if it might have been Kim. Sure sounds like a lot of fun--we'll have to look it up.

Enjoy the season!

Peter said...

You can also play Speed Scrabble Online! It can be addictive, though...