Saturday, December 19, 2009

Laundry Queen

My children call me the "Laundry Queen".
That is a compliment since I can usually find a way to get almost any stain out of any garment.

But the real reason they call me that is because I LOVE to do laundry.
Is that a sickness?

Here are the reasons I enjoy it:

#3--It gives me such a feeling of accomplishment when it is done.

#2--When I have so much to do that I don't know where to start, I can always choose laundry.

#1--I sometimes find a little pair of cute Size 3 jeans in the dirty laundry basket.

Now that is Heaven on Earth!


Debi said...

It could be a sickness--perhaps they will discover a cure someday soon!

Miss G said...

cute post and great photo

you are the laundry queen! i love you! kel

joda said...

oh, Karen... would you please come to my house and do our laundry?? I started last night and got as far as the towels, which are still planted on the arm of the chair.

joda said...

Hi Karen,

It's me Joda, again. I think I finally settled on a personal blog...

please stop by sometime...

hopefully it will still be up..

Anonymous said...

I like laundry, too! And my favorite laundry time was always when Jim came home from ACU. And there was always a lot of it! But it made me feel like a "real mother" again. I understand the obsession :-)