Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Family Photos

This is probably the most famous
photo since I have shared
it and it is now my FB
profile picture.  The
Little Princess
with her loyal subjects.

I thought it would be fun to give
a little background on our
recent family photo adventure.

Several years ago, our three
families decided to do
"something different" for
Christmas gifts because
we didn't really need any more
We still buy for the children
but for the adults, we have
done a variety of things.
One year we all bought
gift cards to restaurants 
and other places
 and then we all picked
our favorite gift cards 
as gifts.

For another couple of years,
the rule was that
you had to buy your gifts
at a yard sale or thrift
shop.  Lots of fun with that one.

This past Christmas,
each family drew a season,
and we were in charge
of planning an event
for the entire family
for that season.

So the event from
David and I to the
entire family was to
fly in my very talented
nephew, Jon Aven,
who takes beautiful

In early June, he spent
a weekend with us, snapping
away and these are the photos
that we all got as our 
Christmas present.

In a field at Rock Ledge Ranch
close to Garden of the Gods

An old barn at Rock Ledge Ranch

At Fox Run Park

On our own Harding
swing in our backyard

On the steps of our deck

These next two are with
a very unwilling Koda
(the young Gibson's dog)

Jon lay down in the street in
front of our house to get this photo

Fox Run Park

Just the two of us

With our sweet grandchildren
Rock Ledge Ranch

The whole family at Rock Ledge Ranch

Love the cute arms crossed
with the kiddos
Jon is not only a wonderful
technical photographer,
but he has great ideas for shots

My girls

The Guys
(and the girl)

The whole family
Rock Ledge Ranch

This one was taken at the end
of our final session.
We were tired and hungry
but the boys had seen a great
tree way across the field
and really wanted
"Uncle Jon" to take their
picture in it.
And of course, he agreed.

I have not shared the
kids individual family photos.
They are fantastic, but I thought
they might want to share them

We had a great time and have
some wonderful photos to
document this special time
in our lives.

Thank you, Jon.
You helped us both
make and keep

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Terry Aven said...

Talented photographer and precious subjects - thank you for sharing!
Aunt Terry